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The 2024 Ag & Arts Tour Guide Map will be available for purchase in early June. Explore the beautiful back roads of Hickman County on this two day, self-guided tour of farms, art and music. Many favorite stops from previous years will be returning, as well as some new stops and new vendors to meet. Printed guides will be available at The Local Place, at 111 South Public Square, Centerville. Have questions about the tour? Check out our FAQ

Tour Stops
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Tour Stops

Ag & Arts Directory of Tour Stops

Recently Hickman County has seen a rebirth in sustainable farming as new entrepreneurs have moved into the area setting up CSA’s and other all-natural food exchange programs.  In many ways we’ve come full circle as a farming community and our ties to the land have created the perfect opportunity for our county to join the Real Food movement.

Local Artists
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Ag & Arts Directory of Artisans

At Ag and Arts Tour, our goal is to share and explore the local arts community and agriculture from a new perspective. Our events highlight the beauty of the Hickman County TN while celebrating local art and culture. Our team works hard all year to make sure we’re offering the best possible experience for visitors and locals alike. Come participate and bring your families along to enjoy the fun activities with our talented artists and performers.

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