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Participating Tour Stops

Participating Tour Stops

Thank you for your interest in being a Ag and Art Tour Site! By opening up your gate and welcoming visitors, you are helping to not only strengthen the connection between producer and consumer, but also helping to grow our local ag-economy!


A Tour Site, for the purpose of this program, is a working farm or other agricultural settings where visitors interact with the farm landscape or participate in an agricultural process for tourism or leisure purposes.

Tour Stop Participation Criteria

  • Tour Stops must have proof of liability insurance.

  • Tour Stops must be in production at some point during the year.

  • Locations must be easily accessible by 2 wheel drive vehicles.

  • All sites must be visitor friendly, clean, and able to provide ample parking.

  • Tour Sites must agree to host artisans at their site during the tour.

Tour Stop Responsibilies

As an Ag & Arts Tour Site:

  • You are encouraged to host Artisans at your site during the tour and additionally will receive a 50% discount off the Application Fee for doing so.

  • You agree to not charge admission to your farm or market (you can sell products and charge for activities but admission must be free).

  • You will contact your insurance agent to ensure you are carrying adequate liability insurance and take steps to reduce or eliminate risk due to negligence.

  • You will have one, clearly defined entrance where a sign-in table will be located. 

  • You are encouraged to provide at least two demonstrations, guided tours or activities on Friday/ Saturday.

  • You agree to promote the tour to the best of your ability through your social media, website, blogs and other marketing efforts.

  • You agree to be available for an in-person site visit on the Thursday before the start of the Ag & Arts Tour.

  • Most importantly, you will plan to have FUN!

Application Process

To apply to become a Tour Stop on the Ag & Arts Tour 2024, please return completed Vendor Application; including Application fee and Hold Harmless Agreement, to:


The Local Place
111 S. Public Square, Centerville, TN 37033


Applications, to be included as a stop on the Tour, will be accepted until May 30, 2024.

To be listed in promotional materials, applications must be submitted no later than May 15, 2024. Applications submitted after May 15 cannot be  guaranteed addition in the printed promotional materials.


Have questions? Please email:

Artisan vendor applications are being accepted at the same time as Tour Stops.  If you know of an artisan(s) that you would like to be at your location during the tour weekend; please let them know that they will need to complete a Vendor Application and provide your locations name when they apply.

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