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Participating Artisans

Thank you for your interest in being an artisan vendor on the Ag and Arts Tour 2024! By sharing your talent and time you are helping to not only strengthen the connection between producer and consumer, you are helping to grow Tennessee's agri-tourism economy!

Artisan Participation Criteria

An Artisan for the purpose of this program is defined as an individual that makes hand crafted products without the use of kits, commercial models and whose primary components are not manufactured. Examples of artisans include; but are not limited to; painters, potters, weavers, quilters, musicians, artisan bakers, value-added producers, etc.

  • Artisans will be located at Tour Sites and can sell their products and services. 

  • All artisans (including bakers and value-added food producers) must hold, and be prepared to present, any applicable permit or license required to sell your product in Tennessee as well as in the county and municipality hosting your Tour. 

  • The Ag and Arts Tour planning teams will make every effort to place artisans at their requested locations, but this placement cannot be guaranteed. If multiple similar artisans select the same location, priority will be given to artisans who will participate on both days of the Tour (rather than only one day); and to artisans who are local to the host county.

  • Artisans who register to participate in the Ag and Art Tour and then not show will not be issued a refund and may not be selected to participate in the Tour in future years. 

Artisan Responsibilities

As a participating Ag and Art Artisan, you:

  • Agree to participate during the designated time/hours of the tour.

  • Agree to engage visitors through demonstrations and/or performances.

  • Agree to connect with your Tour Site prior to the tour to introduce yourself and plan your set-up.

  • Agree to promote the tour to the best of your ability through your social media, website, blogs and other marketing efforts.

  • Most importantly, plan to have fun!

Application Process

To apply to become an Artisan on the Ag & Arts Tour 2024, please return completed Vendor Application; including Application fee and Hold Harmless Agreement, to:


The Local Place
111 S. Public Square, Centerville, TN 37033


Applications, to be included as an Artisan on the Tour, will be accepted until May 30, 2024.

To be listed in promotional materials, applications must be submitted no later than May 15, 2024. Applications submitted after May 15 cannot be  guaranteed addition in the printed promotional materials.


Have questions? Please email:

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