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Vendor: Wendy Morris Art

Updated: Jun 6

Inspired by Mom: Nurturing Creativity from the Start

The roots of Wendy's creativity run deep, planted and nurtured by her mother's inventive spirit. From a young age, Wendy, along with her siblings, was immersed in a world where creativity knew no bounds. Her mother's mantra, "Waste Not Want Not," served as both a

guiding principle and an invitation to explore the potential of everyday items. Whether it was crafting Christmas wreaths from punch cards or fashioning decorative flower vases from old shoes, Wendy's childhood was a canvas for her mother's endless stream of artistic ideas.

Challenges and Adventures: Shaping a Unique Path

Despite facing challenges as a left-handed, right-brained student and experiencing the loss of her father at a young age, Wendy's adventurous spirit remained undimmed. Growing up in Cuba, NY, amidst the wonders of nature, she found solace and inspiration in the outdoors. With each new day came a fresh adventure, whether it was exploring by the trickling creek or immersing herself in imaginative play with her imaginary friends. These formative experiences laid the groundwork for Wendy's resilience and ignited her passion for creativity.

From Ranch Hand to Artisan: A Journey of Discovery

As life unfolded, Wendy's creative journey took her on diverse paths, from working as a ranch hand in Texas to joining the Killeen Civic Art Guild. Surrounded by fellow artisans, she honed her skills and embraced new techniques, from carving and painting to pottery-making. Through it all, Wendy's thirst for inspiration remained unquenched, fueled by her love for nature and her penchant for finding beauty in unexpected places. Now retired and residing in Linden, Tennessee, Wendy continues to find joy in the simple pleasures of life, energized by the prospect of turning discarded treasures into works of art and embracing the mantra of being both frugal and creative.

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