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Tour Stop: Native Soil Company

The Birth of Native Soil Company

Native Soil Company was founded to meet the growing need for pure, natural farming methods. Whether you're a commercial grower, a local farmer, or a hobby gardener, Native Soil Company is here to help with top-notch soil and amendments. Co-founders David Lafferty and Kyle combine their lifelong farming experiences and love for natural growing techniques to bring you the best in sustainable agriculture.

Living Soil

Passionate Founders, Innovative Solutions

David, who grew up farming, and Kyle, with 17 years in the cannabis industry and a knack for mycology, are the passionate minds behind Native Soil Company. Kyle’s innovative bio-catalyst for composting, developed in 2018, laid the foundation for the company in 2020. Together, they aim to provide living soil that mirrors nature’s processes, ensuring healthy, vibrant plants.

Living Soil: Nature's Perfect Medium

Native Soil Company’s Living Soil is like the forest floor in a bag. Made from decomposed plant and animal materials, it’s packed with nutrients and beneficial bacteria. This living soil promotes lush, healthy plants while being safe for your family and the environment. By using Native Soil Company Living Soil, you’re not just growing plants; you’re nurturing a sustainable ecosystem that benefits your garden and the planet.

Check out all the services Native Soil Company has to offer.

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