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Food Vendor: The Rusty Lemon

Crafting Lemonade Magic


In a stroke of luck, Brandi stumbled upon a worn-out horse trailer, sparking an idea that would change her life: The Rusty Lemon. With a passion for lemonade that rivaled her love for adventure, Brandi dove headfirst into the journey of transforming the trailer into her dream lemonade stand. Armed with only her love for lemonade and a handful of recipes, Brandi set out to create the perfect blend for The Rusty Lemon. From tangy classics to daring twists, each batch was a labor of love, infused with Brandi's unique flair and zest for life.

Nerves and Excitement

As opening day approached, Brandi's excitement mingled with nervous anticipation. Would people love her lemonade as much as she did? With butterflies in her stomach, she eagerly awaited the first customers to taste her creations. Surrounded by supportive friends and fellow entrepreneurs, Brandi found solace in the shared journey of building a business. Through late-night brainstorming sessions and encouraging words, she realized that she was never alone on this adventure.


Cheers to New Beginnings

As The Rusty Lemon officially opened its doors, Brandi's heart swelled with pride. Seeing the smiles on her customers' faces as they sipped her lemonade made all the hard work worth it. In those moments, she knew that she had found her calling. With each glass raised in celebration, Brandi toasted to the beginning of a new chapter. The Rusty Lemon wasn't just a lemonade stand; it was a symbol of her passion, determination, and the endless possibilities that come with chasing your dreams.

The Rusty Lemon can be found at local Farmers Markets or book a Private Event. They can customize a lemonade flavor menu for any occasion!

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