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Tour Stop: Tiny Little Homestead

Updated: Jun 6

Starting the Journey: Embracing Solo-steading with Kitty

Join Kitty, a determined mama, homesteader, and YouTube creator, as she embarks on a transformative journey towards self-sufficiency alongside her teenage daughter. Through her platform, she warmly invites others to explore a life closer to the land, trading the stresses of modern living for the richness of sustainable practices.

Sharing the Dream: Finding Joy in Simplicity and Gratitude

With a heart for hard-working moms, Kitty shares her solo-steading adventures, revealing how simplicity, gratitude, and service can shape a fulfilling lifestyle. Her passion for nurturing the Earth resonates, offering encouragement and inspiration to those yearning for a deeper connection with nature.

Building Sanctuary: Crafting Home on the One-Acre Homestead

It's got to be beautiful and functional!

From her cozy one-acre homestead, Kitty shares the joys and challenges of solo-steading life, weaving together tales of herbalism, tiny house living, and community connections. Through her stories, she celebrates the beauty found in life's imperfections, inspiring others to embrace authenticity and resilience.

Growing Together: Raising Earth-Loving Kids

As Kitty tends to her homestead and nurtures her daughter's connection to nature, she embodies the spirit of resilience and possibility. Through her journey, she shows that with determination and passion, a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle is not just a dream but a tangible reality for anyone willing to take the leap.

Learning Together: Discovering the Magic of Foraging and Herbalism

Through engaging YouTube content and upcoming in-person classes on foraging and medicinal herbs, Kitty creates a welcoming space for individuals to explore solo-steading. Her down-to-earth approach and practical advice serve as a roadmap for anyone curious about sustainable living and parenting.

Follow Kitty on her journey and learn more about her upcoming classes.

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