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Tour Stop: Moses' Mission

Updated: Jun 6

Chasing a Lifelong Dream: Starting Moses' Mission

Joy Hinterkopf's dream of rescuing horses and helping people had been tucked away in her heart for as long as she could remember. Horses had always been her refuge, her strength, and she wished to share that gift with others. The opportunity to make that dream a reality came unexpectedly one day while driving with her daughter, Hope, along Interstate 40. Spotting a skinny, injured horse on the side of the road, they couldn't just drive past. And so, Moses' Mission began.

Moses: A Story of Overcoming and Connection

The horse they rescued, named Moses, became the heart of their mission. Despite his rough start and lack of human contact, Moses connected with Joy, Hope, and their family in a way that seemed almost magical. Through Moses, they learned that even the most broken can find healing and connection.

Extending a Helping Hand: Finding Purpose

Moses' rescue was just the beginning. With the support of their community and the guidance of Connie Urbach from Cactus Creek Barn and Nature School, Joy and her team were able to rescue the rest of Moses' herd. Together, they provided a safe haven where these horses could heal and thrive. It quickly became obvious that Moses had a purpose.

Making an Impact: Healing Together Through Equine Therapy

News of Moses' journey spread, drawing people from all walks of life to the farm. Some seek solace in spending time with the horses, while others find healing through equine therapy sessions. From beginner riding lessons to custom therapy sessions tailored to individual needs, Moses' Mission has become a place of support and growth for all who visit.

Through the simple act of spending time with horses, individuals discovered a sense of peace and connection they had been searching for. Moses' Mission isn't just a farm; it's a community where people come together to support each other through life's challenges.

Reach out to Moses' Mission for information about their services.

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