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Live Music: Audrey Swank

Melodies Under the Midnight Sun:

Growing Up in Fairbanks, Alaska

Audrey Swank's musical story unfolds against the backdrop of Fairbanks, Alaska, where the ethereal glow of the midnight sun illuminated her early musical explorations. Introduced to the violin at the age of five, Audrey's journey began with the simple joy of plucking strings and discovering the magic of musical notes.

A Viola's Song: Discovering New Harmonies

At the age of ten, Audrey stumbled upon the soulful resonance of the viola, and it was like discovering a hidden treasure. The warm, velvety tones of the instrument spoke to her in a way that the violin never had, igniting a newfound passion that would shape her musical path.

Siblings in Sync: Making Music Memories Together

Growing up in a household filled with the sound of strings, Audrey found her closest allies in her younger brothers, who eagerly joined her musical adventures. From impromptu jam sessions to heartfelt renditions of their favorite songs, the Swank siblings created a symphony of sibling harmony that echoed through their home.

From Classical Cadences to Modern Medleys

While Audrey's roots were firmly planted in classical music, her musical tastes knew no bounds. Drawn to the raw energy of bluegrass, the infectious rhythms of pop, and the improvisational spirit of jazz, Audrey's repertoire became a vibrant mosaic of musical influences, reflecting her eclectic tastes and diverse musical upbringing.

Strings of Connection: Sharing Music with Others

For Audrey, music has always been a bridge that connects hearts and souls. Whether she's performing for a captivated audience or collaborating with fellow musicians, Audrey seeks to forge connections that transcend language and culture, reminding us all of our shared humanity.

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Audrey's Musical Odyssey

In Audrey's musical odyssey, tradition and innovation dance hand in hand, each enriching the other in a beautiful symphony of sound. From the timeless melodies of Bach to the timeless hits of the Beatles, Audrey's music is a testament to the power of creativity and the universal language of song.

See Audrey Swank Perform Fri & Sat,June 21-22, of the 2024 Ag & Arts Tour at the Local Place, 111 S Public Sq, Centerville Tn 37033.

*Photography by Karen Fox Photography

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