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Tour Stop: Horseshoe Bend Farm Wines

Updated: Jun 6

Discovering Horseshoe Bend: A Journey Through Nature, Wine, and Community

Nestled along the serene banks of the Duck River lies a hidden gem, a sprawling 280-acre farm, with its horseshoe-shaped landscape. Purchased by Kim and Ron Thomason in 2008, this picturesque slice of land has evolved into a vibrant agritourism destination, blending the beauty of nature with the art of winemaking and a strong sense of community.

The Story of Horseshoe Bend: Nurturing Nature's Bounty

The story of Horseshoe Bend began with a vision to cultivate something special. Kim and Ron set out to create a harmonious space where agriculture and hospitality intersected seamlessly. What started as a humble endeavor blossomed into a multifaceted operation.

With meticulous care and dedication, the Thomasons' transformed their farm into a flourishing oasis, boasting over 100 acres of row crops, 2000 blackberry vines, 1200 blueberry bushes, and a thriving apiary. But it was their foray into winemaking that truly set Horseshoe Bend apart.

Kim and Ron shared a deep love for the land and a passion for cultivating its riches. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work, planting rows of blueberries and blackberries, tending to a colorful orchard filled with apples, pears, plums, and peaches, and nurturing a thriving vegetable garden. As their farm bloomed with life, they found joy in every harvest and the abundance of nature's gifts.

A Doctor's Journey to Winemaking: Dr. Ron's Discovery

Dr. Ron Thomason, a physician with a curious mind, found himself drawn to the art and science of winemaking. Inspired by the fruits of their labor, he began experimenting with creating wines from their homegrown berries. With each batch, he discovered new flavors and techniques, blending the precision of science with the creativity of art.

From Farm to Glass: Crafting Memories at Horseshoe Bend

As their farm flourished, so did their vision for sharing its beauty with others. They opened their doors to guests, inviting them to experience the magic of Horseshoe Bend firsthand. From guided tastings in their tasting room to tranquil stays in their cozy vacation properties, they offered a warm welcome and a taste of country living.

Learning and Growing Together: Celebration of Three Years

As they celebrate three years of Horseshoe Bend Farm Wines, Kim and Ron look back on the lessons learned and the memories made. They've learned to listen to their guests, to follow their instincts, and to cherish the simple joys of community and connection. Through it all, they've remained grateful for the opportunity to share their little piece of paradise with the world, one sip of wine at a time.

Celebrate with Horseshoe Bend Farms on April 20 at their 3 Year Anniversary Celebration

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