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Food Vendor: The Spice is Right

From Teaching to Tastebuds: Sheila's Spicy Venture

Sheila's Journey from Classroom to Kitchen

Sheila's story starts like many others – juggling the joys of motherhood while nurturing a love for cooking. After years of inspiring students in the classroom, she traded her textbooks for recipes and launched "The Spice is Right" food truck. With a passion for spicy flavors inherited from her family dinners, Sheila knew she wanted to bring that same zest to her community. Her journey from teacher to food truck owner is a testament to her dedication and love for sharing delicious, spicy meals with others.


A Life Filled with Stories and Spice

Beyond the hustle of the kitchen, Sheila finds solace in the pages of a good book and the magic of cinema. Whether diving into a classic novel or quoting favorite movie lines with her husband, she infuses her daily life with the charm of storytelling. These little moments of literary and cinematic joy make her journey from teacher to food truck owner feel like a colorful adventure, enriching her spicy culinary creations with a touch of narrative magic.


Eric: The Perfect Partner in Spice

Eric, Sheila's partner in spice and life, adds his own flavor to the mix. With a background in finance and a love for collecting coins and tending bonsai trees, he's the yin to Sheila's yang. While crunching numbers as the food truck's CFO, he's also known to roll up his sleeves and tackle dishes as the Executive dishwasher – a true team player. Together, Sheila and Eric don't just serve food; they serve up moments of joy and nostalgia. Each dish on their menu tells a story, from Sheila's kitchen experiments to Eric's financial savvy, offering a delicious array of mega smash burgers, cheesesteaks, wraps, nachos, and loaded fries to feed the fun!

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