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Tour Stop: Centerville Farm / Hollowtop Farms

Updated: Jun 6

A Journey in Regenerative Permaculture

At Hollowtop Farms, nestled in the picturesque hills of Tennessee and Arkansas, a story of transformation unfolds. It is more than just a farm — it's a testament to resilience, stewardship, and a deep-rooted passion for revitalizing the earth.

Humble Beginnings

In 2018, the journey began as the owners acquired a dilapidated foreclosed mobile home on 1.2 acres of land. The property stood as a symbol of neglect, with years of illegal dumping and harmful runoff polluting the local watershed. Undeterred, they embarked on a mission of regeneration.

The Path to Regeneration

With determination and grit, the owners undertook the monumental task of restoring the land to its former glory. Countless trips were made to remove debris, damaged soil was meticulously repaired, and efficient infrastructure was thoughtfully implemented. Their efforts culminated in the creation of a sustainable permaculture garden that now thrives as a beacon of hope.

A New Beginning

As their vision expanded, so too did their horizons. The original property was sold to a family eager to continue the legacy of stewardship, while the owners moved to a nearby 5-acre site to further their mission. Here, amidst the rolling hills, Hollowtop Farms continues to flourish, serving as a testament to the power of regeneration.

Inspiring Change

At Hollowtop Farms, the owners strive to set an example for the transformative potential of mistreated properties across the United States. They believe that with dedication and innovation, any land can be turned into a flourishing oasis of sustainability, whether for commercial ventures or subsistence living.

Meet the Founders

Matt and Gabby Hundley, each bringing unique strengths to Hollowtop Farms. Matt, the visionary, is deeply rooted in agriculture and propelled by a fervent commitment to permaculture. His journey began in Oregon's berry fields, working alongside migrant workers, and evolved through extensive studies in regenerative agriculture, enriching the farm with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Meanwhile, Gabby, the storyteller, hails from the outskirts of a small Indiana town, sharing Matt's passion for fostering healthy communities and rural revitalization. With a journalism degree in hand, she passionately chronicles Hollowtop Farms' inspiring journey, aiming to ignite a spark of sustainable living in others through her storytelling prowess.

Join the Journey

As Hollowtop Farms continues to cultivate a future of abundance and sustainability, they invite others to join them on this incredible journey. Whether you're a rural homeowner, a city dweller, or simply an advocate for positive change, there's a place for you to learn and grow at Hollowtop Farms.

Check out to shop their homestead or learn more about their garden design services.

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